BE A HERO. For a Hero.


Can you think of someone off the top of your head who you would call a hero? Someone who would sacrifice their comfort, their time with family, and even their lives for a stranger - and not ask for recognition? If someone comes to mind, you’re lucky to know that kind of person. If, like most people, you’re drawing a blank, I’d like to introduce you to our modern-day heroes: Navy SEALs.

SEALs are elite warriors that cross land and water to gather critical information, rescue hostages, or take direct action on behalf of the United States. Most of these missions are done in complete secret and are extremely dangerous. SEALs are willing to risk being injured or killed to protect the people and the values they love. When that risk becomes a harsh reality, SEALs and their families need their own heroes. That’s where the Navy SEAL Foundation steps in.

Since 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation has provided an array of compassionate and effective programs that provide financial, educational, and emotional support to SEALs and their families. I believe that they are experts in knowing exactly how to help, whether that means providing family retreats and children’s camps to boost morale, helping ease the cost of a memorial service, or preserving the legacy of fallen heroes through the construction of beautiful monuments.

I’m pedaling 586 miles because that’s a mission that I want to get behind, however I can. I hope you can join me in being heroes for our heroes. Any donation you choose to make will bring meaningful aid to a SEAL and his family. Thank you for caring for our heroes.


My route


Atlanta, GA

Because I have to avoid major roads, once I leave Atlanta, my ride will become more and more rural. The first cities I travel through are names you may recognize: Jonesboro and Hampton. Then the bells stop ringing: Experiment, Milner, Roberta, Fort Valley, Hawkinsville, etc. And a lot of nothing in-between. At least, that's what it looks like on a map.

From a bike, all of that nothing is something I'm excited about. I'll get to see a stretch of rural America from the slow and open perspective of a bike. It will give me time to think and to just observe a place that is representative of so much of this country. I think it will be refreshing and inspiring.


Fort Pierce, FL

By the time I cross the border into Florida, my terrain will be almost totally flat, which means I can cover more miles per day. I'll see the ocean for the first time at Amelia Island. From that point on, the Ocean will hardly ever leave my left side. I'm looking forward to having a coastal breeze.

Daytona Beach will be the first major city I'll hit since Atlanta. From there, it will be a beautiful coastal ride through beaches, bridges, state parks and ports until I reach my destination: the Navy SEAL Museum. That day I get to reflect on my ride and on the SEALs and their families who have inspired me to do it.